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前垣内 美帆

Miho Maegaito
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Miho Maegaito


Miho Maegaito was born in Tokyo, Japan. She started playing the piano in 1988 at the “Yamaha-Music-School” with Prof. Masako Kuratani in Kanazawa. At the age of five she also started taking lessons in composition and music theory with the latter. Her public debut took place in 1990 when she played her own compositions in Kanazawa. In the meantime she won several prizes, such as the first prize in the Yamaha Competition for young pianists.
In 1994 she continued her studies in composition with Prof. Chiaki Noda. Two years later she was selected to play her compositions at the Junior Original Concert, which was broadcast live on Japanese television.
In 1999 she started taking private lessons with Akiko Matsui and attracted attention with several public appearances, such as her recital at the opening of the „Harmony Hall“ in Fukui.
In 2002 she took up her studies at the “Toho-gakuen College of Music” in Tokyo with
Prof. Kyoko Ohashi and Michael Voskresensky. After two years, she also started studying composition at the same institution with Keiko Harada, and was awarded a diploma by the „Japan Piano Teachers Association”. In the same year she played solo compositions by F. Chopin at the “Piano Audition Competition”.
After completing her Bachelor of Music degree in 2007 she continued her studies with Prof. András Hamary in Würzburg, Germany. Subsequently, she appeared at several performances, for example at the Music festival “Predihano 2008” in Slovenia and at the Dvorana – Slovenske – Philhamonics.
In 2009 she won the 2nd place prize in the competion of the “Musikalische Akademie”, and won a special prize at the “Wolfgang Fischer und Maria Fischer-Flach” Competition.
She attended master classes with Julian Gorus, Cecile Ousset, “Ensemble Modern”, Fedele Antonicelli, etc. and gave solo recitals in Würzburg, Weimar, Bayreth, Bad Mergentheim and Nürnberg.
After graduating from the Hochschule für Musik Würzburg"with distinction in 2009 she is continuing her studies there with Prof. András Hamary.
Since 2009 she also holds a lectureship for accompaniment at the “Hochschule für Musik Würzburg”